Easter Chick Decoration

Every Easter, children are keen to create something special to take home to family or friends and this little chick is ideal. Rolling out the main body from air dry clay will help develop their co-ordination skills, and then they can decorate their creation with eye stickers, a foam beak and wings and feathers. Decorate the flowerpot with 3D pens for an extra striking effect!

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Tear off a piece of orange clay from your SuperClay Value Pack, and begin rolling into a ball. Then tear a small piece of white air dry clay and add it to your ball. Keep rolling to ensure the colours are mixed evenly.
  2. Your air dry egg will need to fit the top of your flower pot, so bear this in mind when choosing the quantity of clay.
  3. Now begin rolling the main body of your Easter chick into an oval shape.
  4. Sit your neatly rolled Easter chick on top of your chosen flower pot.
  5. Now carefully place two eyes from your eye sticker value pack onto the head of your chick, followed by a small triangle of yellow foam for a beak.
  6. Cut out a further two pieces of yellow foam 6cm by 4cm to create wings for your chick.
  7. Cut three semi-circles into each wing then draw around the perimeter with an orange pen.
  8. Now affix your wings securely by inserting one edge of each wing into either side of your clay chick.
  9. Take three collage feathers (we chose white, orange and yellow) and affix the pointed ends into the top of your chick, creating a head full of feathers.
  10. Allow your clay to dry for 24 hours.
  11. Now some colours from your PicTixx glitter paint pens and decorate the flower pot with stripes and a Happy Easter message. The pens will dry to a sparkling, glittery finish.

Top Tip

To neaten the join between the chick and the pot, create a thin line around the top of your flower pot using the PicTixx pens

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