Hummingbird Hanging

Hummingbirds are often seen in Peruvian art and textile design. These tiny colourful birds are important in the Andes as pollinators for crops and plants. Create this pretty hanging art using colourful felt and wool.

Hummingbird Hanging

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Place a sheet of self-adhesive felt onto white A4 card. Draw around the edge of the felt then cut it out, so the card and felt are both the same size.
    Fold the card in half. Draw half a hummingbird shape using the template, so the design fills the card then cut it out. Open out the card into a symmetrical shape.
  2. Choose a felt colour to make a hummingbird. Place the cut out shape onto the felt backing paper (reverse white side), draw around the edge then cut out the hummingbird shape.
  3. Cut out thin pieces along the wings and tail as feathers. Cut out a thin piece along the middle of the beak.
    Make another hummingbird in the same way using a different felt colour. To make smaller-size hummingbirds, make a card template in the same way using a piece of A5 card folded in half.
  4. Choose an A3 felt colour (not self-adhesive) as a background. Peel off the backing paper from the felt hummingbirds then stick them onto the background. Cut out small felt circles as eyes then stick onto the heads.
  5. To make tassels, hold the ends of 3 different wool colours together, measure the wool into 15cm lengths then repeat to make lots more 15cm wool strands, cutting 3 colours together makes it quicker.
    To tie a tassel, place 6 wool strands together then use one piece to tie them around the middle. Repeat with all the wool until there are enough to fill the edge of the background.
  6. Squeeze glue along the edges on the reverse side of the background then stick the tassels on top. Or, cut out a border from felt then stick it around the edge with glue or double-sided tape. For a simple design, make a single cut out hummingbird with Classpack felt sheet for a background. These can be arranged together as a wall display.
Hummingbird Hanging Hummingbird Hanging Hummingbird Hanging

Top Tip

To peel off the felt backing, lift the paper at the edge of the hummingbird’s head then peel it downwards in the direction of the cut out feathers and tail.