Credit Card Wallet

Make a super trendy wallet for Dad to keep bank cards and notes in… so he can spend them on you!

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of blue felt 10cm by 15cm, a piece of yellow felt 9cm by 14.5cm and a piece of orange felt 10cm by 7cm.
  2. Fold the yellow piece in half and wrap the blue around it so that the short edges line up. Place the orange piece on one side to leave a 1cm gap at the edge, pin it and trim the other side to the fold of the wallet.
  3. Cut a 3cm by 10cm strip of blue felt. Sew half a popper to one end and round off the corners. Sew a small circle of orange felt over the back of the popper to hide the stitching.
  4. Back stitch the other end of the strip to one short edge of the blue rectangle so the end sits 5cm in from the short edge.
  5. Sew the other half of the popper to a 3cm diameter circle of blue felt. Sew this to the middle of a 5cm diameter circle of yellow felt and then stitch the discs to the middle of the orange rectangle.
  6. Reassemble the layers of the wallet, the yellow piece on the inside, the orange piece on the outside and sew down the central fold to hold together. Continue stitching all around the edges of the wallet to hold the outside and inside pockets in place. Fold in half and close with the poppers.

Top Tip

If you can't sew backstitch you can use running stitch but make sure the stitches are small and hold the pieces together tightly.

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