Compound Words

Compound words are words that are formed from two other words – something that can be difficult for children to get their heads around. Luckily, our Compound Word Cards make it easier for children to get to grips with it; they have to find the two words that go together to create a new word. Foot and ball for example, turn into football. You can add image cards too, so that children look at the image and then create the word that it illustrates. Easy and quick to make, this game is a fun activity for solo players or in a group.

Compound Words

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut as many equal-sized card pieces as needed (depending on how many compound words you would like to have). Separate them into pairs.
  2. Spell out each part of the compound word onto one half of the pair; so one of the word cards will have ‘foot’ and the other ‘ball’ using self-adhesive letter stickers.
  3. Repeat for all of your compound words then mix them up. To make things easier or more of a game, you can also create image cards that relate to the compound words that need to be made. To do this, make more card pieces then draw or form the illustration of the word using stickers/card pieces/foam. So if one of your compound words is ‘Rainbow’ you would draw a rainbow on an image card.
  4. Make sure each word has an image card, then refer to our Learning Guide on the best ways to use them.

Top Tip

You can make these cards out of foam or coloured card, use stickers to spell out the words, hand write them or print them on a computer. Just make sure the letters are clear.

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