Colour Racing Picture Activity

This is a very simple make and only takes minutes but will give children a lot of fun! Using pull back racer cars dipped in paint and then let loose across white card to leave tracks behind is a different twist on traditional painting, and the added element of matching the colour of the car to the paint turns it into a game as well.

Colour Racing Picture Activity

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Ask children to choose two or three cars (different colours). Then ask them to choose the matching colours of paint.
  2. Pour out the paint colour into a palette. Lay out several pieces of card on a protected work surface and then dip one of the cars into the matching colour of paint.
  3. Place the car on one of the nearest pieces of card and then let it roll onwards onto the next piece of card. Repeat with the other cars until each one has a set of painted tracks.
  4. Ask children to label each set of tracks with the correct colour, hand writing it on in pen.

Top Tip

Make sure the wheels of each car are properly coated, if easier you can apply it with a foam brush to ensure an even coverage.

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