City Collage

This activity is a fun and creative way for children to design their own town or cityscape. There are lots of ways to bring variations into a busy scene with buildings, vehicles and roads, with the added element of movement bring it to life! The finished picture could also be used for storytelling or incorporated into other lesson plans.

City Collage

Skill Level

Beginner / KS2. Adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

Up to 2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a piece of A4 blue card as a landscape background, or choose another colour if you prefer.
  2. Cut a curvy edge on a strip of green card then glue it onto the background roughly half way down.
  3. Cut another curvy piece of black card for a road, make it the full width of the background and 10cm deep. Glue it overlapping the green strip.
  4. For the river, cut a 10cm curved blue card strip, make it the full width of the background and 10cm deep. Stick it onto the background overlapping the road, but this time just glue the ends of the strip at the sides, so the middle area if left unglued.
  5. Cut a thin wavy strip to fit across the bottom of the river. Stick it down, gluing both the ends so the middle area remains unstuck, as before.
  6. For the bridge, cut a curved road then glue it onto the background with a coloured or patterned strip behind for the bridge wall. Add another curve for the front piece of wall, just gluing it at the top, so most of it remains unstuck.
  7. Draw some simple cloud shapes onto white card, cut them out then glue onto the top of the picture, leaving the middle area unstuck. Trim the clouds into a straight line across the top.
  8. Cut out some simple shapes for buildings, trees and other details from magazines or coloured paper. Glue them onto the background with small cut out windows. Draw white dotted lines along the roads with Deco Pens.
  9. Choose some transport stickers for your picture then glue them onto wooden craft sticks (leave the peel-off backing in place). Carefully push the sticks through the unglued layers on the background so the vehicles can be moved around.
City Collage City Collage City Collage

Top Tip

Try making variations on this basic idea with different shaped buildings, roads and city layouts. You could also try fitting several scenes together to make a longer frieze. Remember to leave some of the background layers unglued, allowing the vehicles to move.

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