Chinese Pagoda Garden

Have fun creating a serene scene with a tiered pagoda, one of the most iconic buildings of China’s ancient heritage. Other traditional elements in Chinese gardens are water features, rocks and ornamental trees.

Chinese Pagoda Garden

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make the pagoda, cut a piece of red card 8cm x 14cm then fold it vertically in half to make a thin rectangle 4cm x 14cm. Draw a 1cm strip across the bottom edge then draw a stepped edge on the card with the top and middle steps 4cm high, 2cm and 1cm from the outer edge, Make the bottom step 5cm high and the full width of the card. Open out the card.
    To make the 3 roof pieces for the pagoda, cut pieces of brown card measuring 8cm x 3cm for the top and 10cm x 2cm and 12cm x 3cm for the lower roof sections. Fold each piece of card in half, draw a curved roof shape, cut out then open the card.
    Fold back the strip along the base.
    Glue the roof pieces onto the pagoda base in 3 tiers. Use a black deco pen to draw outlines, windows and a door. Brush gold paint to add some highlights.
    If you prefer, make your own design for a building; it could be taller pagoda with more tiers or smaller like a little house.
  2. To make the tree, twist 5 pipe cleaners together for the trunk, twisting to about half way along the lengths. Spread out the top ends of the pipe cleaners into branches.
    To thicken the tree, wrap another pipe cleaner around the trunk. Spread out 1-2cm at the base of the trunk. Tear some strips of brown tissue, paste with glue then wrap them around the tree truck and branches. Leave to dry.
    Finish the tree with a light coat of white paint to enhance the texture on the truck and branches, leave to dry then bend the branches into curved shapes.
    Glue small scrunched up pink, red or white tissue balls onto the branches for blossom.
  3. Use a craft wreath for making the garden base. Paste green tissue strips over the wreath and over the edges. Leave to dry.
  4. Cut a card circle (use white, green or blue) for the ornamental pond. Cut the card slightly bigger than the hole in the middle of the wreath. Paste glue over the card circle then stick a piece of blue tissue paper on top, crinkling the surface into ripples. Glue the pond to the underside of the garden base.
  5. Glue the tree onto the garden base. Paste some green tissue strips around the base of the trunk to attach it more securely.
    Glue the card strip on the base of the pagoda then stick it onto the base.
    Brush plenty glue around the pond then stick small pebbles around the edge.
    Glue dried moss onto the base with some glass mosaic pieces for a path.
Chinese Pagoda Garden Chinese Pagoda Garden Chinese Pagoda Garden

Top Tip

To add more branches on the tree, cut some short pipe cleaner pieces then twist them onto the longer branches. To make some branches thicker, twist pipe cleaners along the length of the main branches.

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