Bastille Day Head Boppers

Create your own red, white and blue quirky head bopper accessory, Easy to make and great fun to wear for your Bastille Day Celebrations!

Bastille Day Head Boppers

Skill Level

Easy/ Medium

Time to Make

30 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take the blank headband and begin to wrap it with double sided tape to provide grip for the ribbon.
  2. Then wrap on the ribbon. when wrapping section, the colours into, white then red like the French flag.
  3. Now take pipe cleaners 2 red , 2 blue and 3 white and wrap them around a pencil to create a spiral.
  4. Attach these to the headband by twisting them on to the same coloured sections.
  5. Cut out the French flags and stick using tape one to the top of each spiral.
Bastille Day Head Boppers Bastille Day Head Boppers Bastille Day Head Boppers

Top Tip

You could make this with silver pipe cleaners for a bit of sparkle. ADULT SUPERVISION NEEDED.



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