4th July Hanging Decoration

This paper-based craft makes a fantastic Independence Day party decoration! Create multiple and hang them around your home or in your garden.

4th July Hanging Decoration

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

20 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Measure and cut 3 sheets of white paper the length of A4 by 17cm and 3 sheets of blue paper the length of A4 by 10cm.
  2. Place an A4 piece of red card landscape and begin to draw vertical lines approximately 3cm apart from each other.
  3. Concertina fold along your lines.
  4. Draw a curved line on the top of the concertina folded paper and cut along the line, creating a scalloped edge.
  5. Fold the concertina paper in half and use the curved side as a template so that both sides of the fan will be symmetrical.
  6. Repeat for the 3 sheets of blue and white paper. You can also create angular and triangular edges instead of scalloped.
  7. Stick the concertina white paper in the centre of the red paper and then stick and layer the blue paper on top. You can use a ruler to make sure the papers are positioned in the centre.
  8. Fold the concertina sections in half and stick the edges together to create a fan shape.
  9. Repeat so that you have 3 fan shapes.
  10. Stick all 3 concertina fans together.
  11. Layer and stick 3 glitter heart foam stickers to the centre of the concertina decoration.
  12. Lastly, cut a length of ribbon and stick it to the back of the concertina decoration.
4th July Hanging Decoration 4th July Hanging Decoration 4th July Hanging Decoration

Top Tip

You can also use hot glue or staples to secure the concertina sections together.

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