‘You Light Up My Life’ Card

This interactive Father’s Day card is a fun way to tell your Dad how much you love him!

‘You Light Up My Life’ Card

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

40 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of red card and fold it in half. Then use scissors to carefully cut out the inner section of one of the halves, leaving a frame about 1.5cm wide.
  2. Cut a cut flush file so that you have a piece which is slightly smaller than the half of the red card, and slightly bigger than the hole that you have cut out.
  3. Open the red card, and place a piece of double sided tape on each side of the inside of the frame. Then stick the piece of clear file to this, making a window.
  4. Take a sheet of black card and fold it in half. Cut along the fold line, then take one of the halves and trim the edges slightly to make it a bit smaller. Then put some double- sided tape onto three edges of the black card, leaving one long edge black. Stick the black card to the back of the clear file, with the blank edge at the bottom of the card.
  5. Cut a piece of white card and slide it in between the clear window and the black card. This will just be temporary so that you can see what you are drawing. Use a thin black pen to draw your picture of you and your dad onto the front of the clear window, and colour it in with felt tip pens. Leave to dry.
  6. Take a sheet of white card and cut out the shape of a torch, with a triangular shape at the top of the torch, which will be the light shining. Use felt tip pens to colour in the torch section of this piece of card, leaving the rest of it white.
  7. Remove the white card from in between the window and the black card. Then use a black pen to write ‘Dad you light up my life’ onto the front of the frame. Then open the card and write a happy Father’s Day message inside.
  8. Slide the torch in between the window and the black card, and the white section of the torch will light up that part of your drawing. When you move the torch around it will light up the other areas of your drawing.
‘You Light Up My Life’ Card ‘You Light Up My Life’ Card ‘You Light Up My Life’ Card

Top Tip

If you have any blobs of pen ink left on the cut flush file that doesn't seem to be drying, lightly dab it with a piece of kitchen roll to remove the excess ink.

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