Witch’s Legs Bookmark

The colourful witch’s legs dangling out of your book serve as a fun page reminder when you use this bewitching Halloween bookmark!

Witch’s Legs Bookmark

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of black foam to approximately 2×6 inches. Cut the end of the foam so that it is a bit wider and has a zig zag pattern along the bottom, to make it look like the witch’s dress.
  2. Use an orange deco pen to write ‘Book Witch’ down the centre of the foam bookmark. Decorate around the edges with a green deco paint pen.
  3. Take a sheet of green foam and cut out two leg shapes, making sure they have a boot shape at the bottom.
  4. Use a black deco pen to colour in the boot, and draw black stripes up the legs.
  5. Turn the bookmark over and use double sided tape to stick the legs to the back of the bookmark. When the bookmark is closed in the book, the witch’s legs will poke out the bottom of the pages.
Witch’s Legs Bookmark Witch’s Legs Bookmark Witch’s Legs Bookmark

Top Tip

Press down the nib of the deco pen on a spare sheet of paper before writing on the foam to make it extra bright.

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