Winter Concertina Trees

Create a winter wonderland at home with these fun colourful concertina trees!

Winter Concertina Trees

Skill Level


Time to Make

40 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw 2 triangles on the back of your chosen colour card 20cm in length and 10cm wide. These will be your tallest trees.
  2. Draw 2 more triangles on the back of your chosen colour card 15cm in length and 7.5cm wide. These will be your smaller trees. Cut all 4 of your triangles out neatly
  3. One the white side of your triangles draw lines with a 2cm gap in-between each one. Using your ruler fold the card over it on every line you have drawn, this is the concertina pattern. Repeat on all of your trees.
  4. Fold your concertina tree onto itself until you have one flat piece of card. Find the centre and use your hole punch to make a neat hole through the layers. If the card is too thick then do one row at a time keeping it centred. Repeat with all of your triangles
  5. Take a small amount of white clay and cover your branch offcut leaving a mound in the centre to place your pipe cleaner into, now secure into place.
  6. Cover the clay in super tacky glue then sprinkle on artificial snowflakes and white glitter and leave to dry. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with your other branch offcuts
  7. When your clay is slightly set, thread your concertina trees onto the pipe cleaners
    alternating the colours.
  8. Display your lovely trees with pride!
Winter Concertina Trees Winter Concertina Trees Winter Concertina Trees

Top Tip

Thread your pipe cleaners from the top and back of your tree, threading downwards so that the top of the tree is on show