Wedding Sign

These pretty arrow signs can be used to give your guests directions for your wedding.

Wedding Sign

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

How to Make

  1. Using the glue gun, carefully put a small blob of glue into the two holes at the top of each wooden arrow plaque and leave to dry. This is just to fill the holes so you can paint over them later.
  2. Paint two wooden arrow plaques with white paint and leave to dry. Add another coat of paint if necessary.
  3. Once the paint has dried, use the thin black deco pen to write out the word Ceremony onto one arrow, and Reception onto the other.
  4. Mix the white and pink paint together to get a pastel pink colour, then create a flower shape in the tip of the arrow by painting 5 small petals. Repeat this multiple times around the edge of the arrow. Then use yellow paint to paint a small circle in the centre of each of these flowers.
  5. Mix some green and white paint together to get a light shade of green, then paint some laurel shapes connecting each flower together. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other arrow.
  6. When the paint has dried turn both the arrows upside down, one above the other. Take two wooden craft sticks and use the glue gun to stick the edges of these together to create a pair. Make another two pairs.
  7. Use one pair of wooden craft sticks to stick the two arrow plaques together. Then stick another pair to the bottom of the bottom arrow, then glue the other sticks to the bottom of these.
Wedding Sign Wedding Sign Wedding Sign

Top Tip

Lightly write the text on to the arrow with a pencil first to make sure it will be in the right place.

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