Wedding Card

Transform a doily to decorate this delicate shimmery wedding card.

Wedding Card

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

50 minutes including drying time for the glue.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Fold your A4 white card in half.
  2. Measure the front of your folded card and cut a piece of white glitter card the same size using a craft knife.
  3. Cut a piece of double sided self-adhesive paper as your glitter card and stick to the back of the glitter card. Then stick that to the front of the card.
  4. Take silver doily and cut out the centre carefully using a craft knife or a precision pair of scissors, following the inner border.
  5. Fold the doily in half then in half again. Press firmly on fold lines so they are clear when you open up the doily. You should have 4 fold lines. Cut along those lines giving you 4 pieces.
  6. Position the 4 doily pieces at each corner of the card and stick down using a glue stick.
  7. Cut a piece of silver glitter card 10cm x7.5cm. Cut away corners either with a corner punch or craft knife. Draw the rounded corners if using a craft knife.
  8. Cut a rectangle, 9cm x 6.5cm from the white glitter card and again round the corners. These 2 pieces will become the card topper. Cut 2 pieces of the double sided, self-adhesive paper the same sizes as the glitter cards and stick onto the back.
  9. Stick the white glitter card onto the silver ensuring there is an even border all around. Centrally stick the card topper onto the front of the card.
  10. Write the sentiment using a black brush pen. Allow for ink to dry.
  11. Stick a flower gem on each corner of the topper.
Wedding Card Wedding Card Wedding Card

Top Tip

Always mark lines and measurements on the wrong side of your materials to avoid leaving visible marks on the right side.

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