Weather Mobile

This cute DIY paper mobile makes a lovely decoration for your room!

Weather Mobile

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a large cloud shape from a sheet of white card. Then cut a sun shape from a yellow sheet of card and stick it to the back of the cloud on one side using double sided tape.
  2. To make the rainbow, cut a semi circle shape from a red sheet of card, about 12cm wide.
  3. Place this red shape onto a yellow sheet of card and trace around it with a pencil. Then use the pencil to re-draw the curved line about 1cm from the edge, to make a slightly smaller semi circle, and cut it out. Repeat this again by placing the yellow semi circle onto green card, and the green semi circle onto purple card.
  4. When you place the semi circles on top of each other they should make a rainbow. Stick them all together using double sided tape.
  5. Stick the rainbow to the back of the cloud, on the opposite side to the sun, using double sided tape.
  6. Cut four pieces of embroidery thread approximately 30cm long. Thread a plastic needle onto the end of one and thread four coloured felt balls onto it. Tie a knot in the end to prevent the balls from falling off.
  7. Repeat step 6 three more times, using different amounts of felt balls. Then stick these to the bottom of the back of the cloud using tape.
  8. Finally, stick a loop of thread to the top of the cloud to hang the mobile from.
Weather Mobile Weather Mobile Weather Mobile

Top Tip

The felt balls should stay in place on the thread, but if they are sliding, just tie a knot underneath each on to hold it in place.

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