Vegetable Basket

This harvest themed vegetable basket is a really fun craft to make, and you can fill it with your favourite veggies.

Vegetable Basket

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Assemble the wooden basket by attaching all of the pieces together.
  2. Draw around the top of the basket onto an easy print sheet. Then cut this shape out, however make it slightly smaller than the shape that you have drawn. Then place this rectangle into the basket, creating a raised level.
  3. Paint the entire basket, including the easy print sheet, with brown paint.
  4. Paint three small polystyrene half balls to create three different tops of vegetables, using green card if necessary to create leaves.
  5. Stick the vegetables to the easy print sheet inside the basket. Then attach a yellow pipe cleaner to the basket through the holes in each side to create a handle.
  6. Use the yellow deco pen to write VEG onto the front of the basket.
Vegetable Basket Vegetable Basket Vegetable Basket

Top Tip

Make sure you assemble the basket before painting, otherwise it may not fit together.