Vampire Spoon Puppet

Kids will have so much fun making and playing with this Vampire spoon puppet this Halloween.

Vampire Spoon Puppet

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 Hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the top (spoon) section of the wooden spoon with white paint, and the handle section with black paint. Leave to dry and add another coat of paint if needed.
  2. Cut a small bow tie out of a sheet of purple felt and stick it to the ‘neck’ of the spoon with double sided tape.
  3. Stick two wiggle eyes to the spoon and use a black deco pen to draw and mouth and outline the fangs.
  4. Use either a black deco pen, or black paint, to draw the vampire’s hair, making sure it goes to a point in the middle.
  5. Cut out a cloak shape from a sheet of red felt, large enough so the collar reaches about half way up the face, and the cloak almost reaches the end of the handle.
  6. Use double sided tape to stick the red cloak to a sheet of black felt, and cut around the cloak so that it has a black outline.
  7. Stick the cloak to the back of the spoon using double sided tape.
Vampire Spoon Puppet Vampire Spoon Puppet Vampire Spoon Puppet

Top Tip

Wait until the paint has fully dried before adding the cloak.

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