Valentine’s Day Envelopes

You’ll be surprised what you can do with a bit of felt! This adorable felt envelope is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Envelopes

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut an envelope shape out of red coloured felt, using the template provided.
  2. Fold the envelope using the edge of a ruler then hold down with paper clips to see how your envelope looks. Doing this allows you to work out the correct sizing of your envelope embellishments i.e. stamp, stitching etc.
  3. Using patterned scissors, cut out a rectangle, approx 3cm by 2cm, from white felt. This will be the base of your stamp. If you don’t have patterned scissors, use ordinary scissors and cut zig-zag lines along the edges of your rectangle.
  4. Now cut another small rectangle, approx 2cm by 1.5cm, this time from purple felt. This will be the centre shape of your stamp.
  5. Here comes the cute bit – cut out your miniature heart from pink felt and sew onto your purple felt rectangle.
  6. Sew the purple rectangle on to the white zig-zag rectangle. Your stamp is now complete!
  7. Sew your completed stamp onto your red envelope.
  8. If, like us, you want to use zig-zag lines for the address, use a ruler and pencilled dots, mark out where to sew the zig-zag address onto your envelope. This will help to keep the zig-zags as neat as possible. Space each row 5mm apart (use the picture as a guide). You could also stitch a name or a real address if you prefer.
  9. Sew the address using double thickness threads.
  10. Now that the front of your envelope is complete, it’s time to sew the edges together to create the envelope. Start from the bottom corner and sew all the way along each edge, including the single layered envelope flap. Continue sewing until you reach the opposite bottom corner (use picture as a guide), thus completing your new felt envelope!
Valentine’s Day Envelopes Valentine’s Day Envelopes Valentine’s Day Envelopes

Top Tip

These cute envelopes look great in any colour and can be changed to suit a variety of themes. Why not use the fish and mouse template to create your own cat-themed envelope?