Bee Honeycomb

Upcycle cardboard and kitchen towel cores to create this cute honeycomb decoration to celebrate World Bee Day.

Bee Honeycomb

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

25 Minutes (Plus Drying Time)

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Begin to draw vertical lines 1.5 cm apart from each other on your cardboard tubes and then cut along the lines to create 19 smaller rings.
  2. To create a hexagon shape firstly fold one of the cardboard tube rings in half. Then measure each half of the section, divide into 3 sections and mark using a pencil. Press at each mark to make a hexagon shape. Repeat for all the cardboard tube rings.
  3. Using double sided tape stick the hexagons together to create a honeycomb.
  4. Place your honeycomb shape onto cardboard and trace around your shape using a pencil.
  5. For the honeycomb stand draw an acute triangle.
  6. Cut out both the hexagon and triangle shape.
  7. Using super tacky glue, stick the honeycomb to the cardboard hexagon and allow to dry.
  8. Using a paintbrush, paint the honeycomb white.
  9. Once the white base has dried, paint the honeycomb yellow.
  10. Then outline the hexagon shapes with gold glitter glue and allow to dry.
  11. For the bees, wrap a black pipe cleaner around the front of the bee to create the antennas and then snip off the excess and wrap the excess pipe cleaner around the back of the bumble bee.
  12. Stick two wiggle eyes onto each bee.
  13. Stick the triangle to the back of the honeycomb and allow to dry before standing.
Bee Honeycomb Bee Honeycomb Bee Honeycomb

Top Tip

You can use more cardboard tubes if you want to create a larger honeycomb.

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