Union Jack Coasters

These Union Jack coasters are the perfect craft to make for VE Day, and they will make a lovely addition to the home all year round

Union Jack Coasters

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

20 minutes per coaster

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a ceramic tile and use a red porcelain pen to colour in the red sections of the Union Jack flag. Use a ruler to keep all of the lines straight.
  2. Complete the Union Jack Flag design on the tile using a dark blue deco pen, remembering to leave the white borders around the colours. Remember to colour the edges of the tile as well.
  3. Once the pen ink is dry cover the top of the coaster with a coat of acrylic varnish. This will help to protect the design when drinks are on top of it. Leave to dry.
  4. When the varnish has dried, place the tile onto a sheet of red self-adhesive felt and draw around the tile with a pencil. Then cut out this square of felt.
  5. Peel the backing off of the square of felt and stick it to the underneath of the tile. This will make a smooth bottom to the coaster, helping to protect the table or surface that it is on.
Union Jack Coasters Union Jack Coasters Union Jack Coasters

Top Tip

Keep a piece of paper next to you so if the pen feels like it is starting to dry out you can push the nib onto the paper to get more ink through without ruining the coaster.