Unicorn Box Costume

This magical sparkling Unicorn costume is made from cardboard boxes and decorated with paint, glitter and coloured wool! This costume is sure to be the perfect outfit for World Book Day or just roleplay with your friends.

Unicorn Box Costume

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

1 hour plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. First you need to choose a box for the body that you can fit in to, that isn’t too big or heavy to hold up.
  2. Print the template and cut it out of a flat sheet of cardboard (thick cardboard can be hard to cut with scissors for little hands ask your adult to help you)
  3. Make a slit big enough for the head in the front of your box towards the top.
  4. Post the head through folding and gluing it on the inside to secure it.
  5. Cut the flaps off the box and glue a cardboard tube in the bottom 4 corners to stop the box from collapsing.
  6. Now mix PVA and water together in a bowl until it’s the consistency of runny honey. Add a generous squirt or two of white paint to this mix.
  7. Rip up the printer paper into strips and either use a paintbrush to stick these to your box or dip them into the mixture and stick them on.
  8. Do this until your box and the head is covered and leave to dry overnight.
  9. Once dry coat with PVA glue and sprinkle glitter over the whole model and leave to dry again. Glitter the horn silver.
  10. With your wool pack cut lengths of each colour wool long enough to drape over your horse head both sides.
  11. Use the glue gun to fix this to the top of the head then flip one side over to the other and braid how you wish.
  12. For the tail cut longer lengths of wool and stick these into a cut down cardboard tube
  13. Once completely dry wrap the tube in silver ribbon and stick to the bottom of your unicorn.
  14. Draw a face and add eyes.
  15. Using boarder roll cut off the wavy edge and fix to the box over your shoulders to make the straps.
Unicorn Box Costume Unicorn Box Costume Unicorn Box Costume

Top Tip

If you find white boxes you can skip the paper mâché step entirely and just paint it with a layer of white paint mixed with PVA glue.