Tie-Dye Cushion Covers

Add a splash of colour to your home or garden with a set of hand-dyed cushion covers.

Tie-Dye Cushion Covers

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for dye

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

    Before you start:

      1. Wash the cushion cover by hand then squeeze out most of the water until it is damp.
      2. Place the polythene sheet from the kit over your work surface. Place the cushion cover flat on top with the zip closed. Pull out any creases or wrinkles.

        To make diagonal rainbow lines:
      1. Fold the cushion cover diagonally in half to make a triangle, with the long side measuring approximately 42cm and the 2 shorter sides 28cm. Position the triangle with the long folded side at the top and the 2 corners meeting in a point at the bottom.
      2. Fold up both corners at the bottom into a 5-6cm pleat. Turn the cushion cover over then make another 5-6cm pleat.
      3. Turn the cushion cover back over and repeat to make one more pleat. Fold the fabric in half along the whole length to make a thinner strip.
      4. Tightly wrap an elastic band around one end of the folded fabric to hold the shape then add 4 or 5 more bands along the middle section.

        To make rainbow patterns:

      • The colour distribution on an ‘X’ or cross pattern will vary, depending on how the folds are made. These are a couple of methods for making rainbow patterns:
        Fold 1:
      1. Fold the 4 corners of the cushion cover into the middle to make a square, measuring approximately 21cm x 21cm.
      2. Fold the square in half to make a triangle, so there are 2 triangular corner folds on each side.
      3. Fold the triangle in half again, to make a smaller, thicker triangle.
      4. Tightly wrap an elastic band around one end of the triangle to hold the shape then add another band on the opposite side. Fold over the top point of the triangle then add a couple more elastic bands in the middle.
        Fold 2:
      1. Fold the cushion cover in half to make a triangle.
      2. Position the cushion cover with the folded edge at the top.
      3. Fold down the 2 top corners to meet the bottom point.
      4. Fold up the bottom edge into a 6-7cm pleat, turn the fabric over to make another pleat and then turn back over and make one more pleat.
      5. Wrap an elastic band around one of the ends, 3-4cm from the end. Repeat with another elastic band on the opposite point. Wrap 2 or 3 more elastic bands along the middle section of the folded fabric.

        To dye the cushion covers:
      1. Wear the disposable gloves in the kit then follow the instructions for adding water to the dye bottle and applying it onto the fabric.
      2. Squeeze the dye over the cushion cover.
      3. For a rainbow effect, carefully squeeze different colours along the fabric. Lift the fabric after applying each colour to mop away any pools of dye on your work surface to keep it as clean as possible.
      4. Press and roll the bag to make sure the dye covers the fabric.
      5. Leave the cushion cover to dry for 6-8 hours over a bowl with newspaper or paper towel underneath, or leave it on a piece of thick corrugated card.
      6. Remove all the elastic bands (with gloves on) then open out the fabric. If it still feels very wet, remove any excess dye with paper towel or leave it to dry for a bit longer.
      7. Rinse the cushion cover in water then leave it to fully dry. Cover it with a pressing cloth then iron out the creases.

        There are lots of ways to make tie-dye patterns. The results will vary depending on the number of folds, how the fabric is folded, where the elastic bands are tied and how tightly the elastic bands are wrapped.

      Tie-Dye Cushion Covers Tie-Dye Cushion Covers Tie-Dye Cushion Covers

      Top Tip

      For wider white stripes or more white in the pattern, use 2 elastic bands for making each tie on the cushion cover.