Three Wise Men Finger Puppets

These nativity themed finger puppets are easy to make and fun to play with afterwards.

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes per finger puppet

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut out the shape for the body from a sheet of red felt. Then trace over this to cut out another identical shape. Place a thin strip of double sided tape down each side of one piece, and stick the other on top. Ensuring that you leave the bottom open.
  2. Cut two small arm shapes from the blue sheet of felt and stick to the front of the red shape.
  3. Create a face by taking either the pink or brown coloured felt and cutting out a small circle. Add a face to the circle by adding wiggle eyes and drawing a mouth. Add a beard using either the brown or black felt.
  4. Cut out a crown shape from the yellow felt and stick it to the top of the face. Then attach the face to the top of the red body shape.
  5. Stick a small gem to the front of the finger puppet, in between the arm shapes.
  6. Create two more of these finger puppets using different colour combinations.

Top Tip

Try making a finger puppet for each of the nativity characters