Moving Leaf Caterpillar

This interactive caterpillar craft will be a hit with kids providing fun entertainment. Simply pull the stalk and watch the caterpillar wriggle.

Moving Leaf Caterpillar

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the template cut out the leaf and stalk from green card. Cut out 3 yellow, 3 black and 2 green rectangles from card (7cm by 4cm).
  2. Sketch out your leaf design on your cut out leaf shape with a pencil. Outline the edge of the shape with a dark green deco pen and draw over the leaf design.
  3. Roll and stick the short edges of the rectangles together and to create 8 cylinder shapes.
  4. For the face stick 2 wiggle eyes on a yellow cylinder shape and draw a smile with a black pen.
  5. For the antennas cut a pipe cleaner into quarters. Use 2 of the quarters to create 2 antennas by spiralling the top of the pipe cleaner outwards.
  6. Stick the antennas to the back of the caterpillar’s face.
  7. Continue to stick the rest of the card cylinders together to form the caterpillar body and allow the glue to dry.
  8. Stick pompoms along the caterpillar.
  9. Place a blob of glue to the top of the stalk and stick it to the underneath of the caterpillar’s face. Make sure the rest of the body isn’t glued to the stalk.
  10. Position the caterpillar and stalk onto the leaf. Put a blob of glue on either side of the stalk at the bottom of the leaf. Make sure you don’t glue the stalk to the leaf or the end of the caterpillar as you won’t be able to pull the stalk to make the caterpillar move.
  11. Allow the glue to dry and pull the stalk to see the caterpillar wriggle!
Moving Leaf Caterpillar Moving Leaf Caterpillar Moving Leaf Caterpillar

Top Tip

You can create various caterpillars from different coloured card and use deco pens to draw designs on your caterpillar.



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