Make a Market Stall

Make a colourful selection of fruit, vegetables, cakes, bread and other produce to sell on a market stall. Once the stall is set up, children can practice buying and selling using plastic money or make coins from card discs. For a bigger classroom display, try making some more stalls selling other things.

Make a Market Stall

Skill Level


Time to Make

20-30 minutes per item plus overnight drying time for dough

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Select 2 cardboard boxes for making the market stall. You will need a bigger-sized box for the base and a smaller box to fit on top. The shape of your market stall base will depend on the boxes used. The one shown here measures 15cm across the front. Paint the boxes and leave to dry.
  2. Use the Super Dough to model fruit and vegetables, bread and cakes. Break of small pieces then press into simple shapes with your fingers:
  3. Leafy lettuce or cabbage; Press 6 x 1cm dough balls into flat circles, curl one of the circles for the middle then press the rest around the outside.
  4. Banana; Shape a 2cm dough ball into a 5cm long shape, making it slightly thinner at the ends.
  5. Orange; Shape a 2cm ball then add a texture with the end of a modelling tool.
  6. Doughnuts; Roll a 2 cm ball then add a small piece of dough on top for the icing. Push a pencil or modelling tool through the middles to make a hole.
  7. Bread; Shape a 3cm dough ball into an oval then add patterns with a modelling tool.
  8. Fairy Cake; Roll a 2cm dough ball, press a flattened strip around the outside for the case then add a tiny ball, or add other decorations on top. Press a pattern around the sides with a modelling tool.
  9. Grapes; Press tiny balls together into a bunch with a stalk on top.
  10. Apple; Roll a 2cm dough ball, push a modelling tool into the top to make a hole then add a tiny stalk.
  11. Leave the dough to dry thoroughly. Use a small sponge or brush to add a painted texture and other details onto the dried shapes.
  12. Finish making the market stall base by gluing the 2 painted boxes together with the smaller box on top to make a step. To support the canopy, glue 4 wooden craft sticks together to make 2 x 20cm sticks. Glue the 2 sticks onto the back of the top box. Measure across the market stall then cut a piece of stripy or bright coloured paper for the canopy. Fold down the top of the paper then glue it onto the supporting the sticks. If your paper isn’t patterned on both sides, cut another strip to cover the front section of the canopy where it folds down.
  13. Put all the finished produce into small craft boxes or use a craft box lid. Place the boxes onto the market stall. Add card price tags.
Make a Market Stall Make a Market Stall Make a Market Stall

Top Tip

Start shaping the dough as soon as it comes out of the packet and wrap up any unused material so it doesn't dry out.

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