Tassel Bucket Bag

This small bucket bag is perfect for carrying around your personal items. It’s timeless shape means it will go with pretty much anything.

Tassel Bucket Bag

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a drawing compass to mark out a circle on felt 13cm in diameter. Then in the same colour of felt, measure out a rectangle 20 x 42cm in size. Cut out both shapes with scissors.
  2. Using a thin strand of embroidery thread, fold the rectangle in half so it looks more square in shape and sew up the seam. You will now be left with a felt tube.
  3. Sew the circle to the bottom of the felt tube for the base and then turn both inside out.
  4. Measure out two more pieces of felt 3 x 40cm and cut these out with scissors. Attach these two pieces of felt together by sewing a seam along the shortest edge. Fold the felt in half along the longest edge, pin in place and sew together. Then sew the ends of the strap to the inside of the bag. Remove the pins when you are finished.
  5. Neatly scrunch the top of your bag up and pin in place, then with a pencil mark where you would like the holes to be. You should have 8 holes marked out in total. Remove the pins and then punch through the holes.
  6. To make the tassels, wrap some embroidery thread around a piece of card 10 x 10cm about 15 times. Take another piece of the same coloured thread and slide this under the wrapped thread then tie tightly with a knot. Remove the tassel from the card and with another piece of thread wrap this around the tassel about a third of the way down from the top and tie tightly with a knot. Wrap the excess thread around this knot and tuck it in when you reach the end. Lastly trim the tassel at the bottom ensuring that the tassel ends are even in length.
  7. Measure a gold necklace to approximately 35cm long and cut off the excess. Weave the gold necklace chain through the holes in the bag and pull so the top of the bag scrunches up. Next attach a gold jump ring to each end of the chain and then attach the tassels onto them. Carefully close each jump ring up with pliers.
Tassel Bucket Bag Tassel Bucket Bag Tassel Bucket Bag

Top Tip

When figuring out where to position your holes for the chain to run through, first pin the fabric in place and then make a mark with a pencil.