T-Rex Head

Have fun transforming 2 matchboxes into this snappy T-Rex head. Rubber Palm Printers are quick and easy way to add patterns to decorate your dino!

T-Rex Head

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Slide out the middle sections from 2 matchboxes. Cut both sections in half, making 4 pieces, then push 2 of them into the the outer matchboxes. Tape over the ends with masking tape to cover the gaps.
  2. Join the 2 boxes together by sticking a short piece of masking tape over the open ends to make a hinge.
  3. Hold the boxes with your thumb and finger inside, then dab paint over the sides. Leave the paint to dry with the box standing on the open ends.
  4. Paint one of the left over inner matchbox sections, using the same colour. This is for making the eyes.
  5. When the paint has dried, open out the boxes and paint the middle of the mouth.
  6. Sponge paint onto the palm printer. Carefully press it onto the boxes to print a pattern. Leave to dry.
  7. Stick some eyes onto the painted card section. Cut around the edges and glue onto the top of the box. Cut 2 eye stickers into nostrils and stick onto the front.
  8. To make the teeth, cut along 2 x 15cm x 2cm white card strips with zig-zag scissors. Trim the strips if they need to be thinner, then glue the teeth around the dinosaur’s mouth.
T-Rex Head T-Rex Head T-Rex Head

Top Tip

To open and close the T-Rex mouth, push your first and second fingers into the boxes, this is easier than using your thumb.