Super Dad Bookmarks

If your dad loves to read then these Super Dad bookmarks are the perfect gift to make for him for Father’s Day.

Super Dad Bookmarks

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 minutes per bookmark

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of red foam and cut out a long rectangle, approximately 15cm x 5cm.
  2. Using yellow self-adhesive foam, cut out two small triangles and stick them to the red foam about an inch down from the top.
  3. Take a sheet of brown self-adhesive foam and cut out a circle from it that is slightly wider than the red foam rectangle. Stick the circle to the top of the red foam so that the yellow triangles show at the bottom.
  4. Cut out a large triangle from yellow foam to create the cape, and stick it to the back of the bookmark using double sided tape.
  5. Use yellow self-adhesive foam to cut out the shape of a mask, then stick it to the face and stick two wiggle eyes on top.
  6. To create the hair, cut out the hair shape from black self-adhesive foam, then stick it to the top of the face shape.
  7. Use a black pen to draw a smile underneath the mask and to write ‘Super Dad’ onto the front of the bookmark.
Super Dad Bookmarks Super Dad Bookmarks Super Dad Bookmarks

Top Tip

Use contrasting colours to make the bookmarks really stand out.

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