Sugar Skull Travel Card Holder

Combine modern motifs with vibrant shades of felt for this funky pocket-sized travel case

Sugar Skull Travel Card Holder

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Download and print out the template provided. Cut out two rectangle pieces, a white skull shape Head, one of each of the Eye pieces, one of each of the Nose and Mouth and Pattern pieces, and one each of the Flowers, following the colour guides on the template. Using the picture as a guide, sew the orange flowers onto the skull piece. Layer on the purple flower pieces, then add the yellow circles on top, as shown. Stitch the small purple heart upside-down in the centre, below the eyes, for the nose. Sew the smaller pink heart on top, as shown in the Front template.
  2. Position the green mouth piece below the nose, using the picture as a guide. Stitch in place, then sew ‘teeth’ detailing over the top in black thread with back stitch.
  3. Sew the decorated skull to the centre of one of the purple rectangles, as shown. Now move onto the flowers. Sew all the circular centres to the flowers, matching the colours according to the Front template (or main project picture).
  4. Lay the purple rectangular skull panel onto a flat surface with the skull facing upwards. Arrange the flowers around the skull where you’d like them to be, remember to leave a little space around the edge of each bloom to allow for the stitching. Sew the flowers in place using matching embroidery thread.
  5. Match up the two purple panels, ensuring the skull is facing outwards and the edges all line up. Using a double-thickness of standard cotton or several strands of embroidery thread, stitch the bottom edge and two sides together to create a case.
Sugar Skull Travel Card Holder Sugar Skull Travel Card Holder Sugar Skull Travel Card Holder

Top Tip

To reinforce the case, cut three purple rectangle pieces and sandwich a piece of card between two before stitching all four sides together. Then carry on with the instructions as above.