Stationery Cake

Welcome to the sweetest crafting adventure: the Stationery Cake Craft! Get ready to indulge in a creative treat as we whip up a delightful three-layer ‘cake’ using a delicious array of art, craft, and stationery supplies. Perfect for back-to-school festivities or craft parties!

Stationery Cake

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, trim down 2 sheets of A3 card to the height of the tub (you can use a different sized tub to the one used here).
  2. Wrap both sheets of card around the tub and secure in place with sticky tape.
  3. Then, stick pencils around the tub.
  4. Position pva glue and jumbo glue sticks around the bottom of the pencils, you can also use double sided foam mounting tape if you want to further secure them in place.
  5. Place the fabric paint value pack (you can use a different tub to the one used here) in the centre of the soft modelling dough tub.
  6. Use double sided foam mounting tape around the fabric paint value pack then stick broad tip marker pens around the tub with multi-purpose deco acrylic paint pots around the edge.
  7. Slot mini sponge dabbers between the multi-purpose deco paint pots.
  8. Place a water pot on top and stick scissors and crayons around the sides of the water pot.
  9. Fill the water pot with chubby brushes.
  10. Lastly, cut lengths of ribbon and tie around different sections of the stationery cake.
Stationery Cake Stationery Cake Stationery Cake

Top Tip

You can use a cake board as the base of the stationery cake.

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