Starry Sleep Mask

This cute sleep mask with appliqué accents will leave you starry eyed

Starry Sleep Mask

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use the template to cut out two eye masks from a piece of blue felt. Cut one large star and three smaller stars from a piece of yellow felt.
  2. Position the stars onto one of the eye mask pieces and when you are happy with the placement, pin in place. With a needle and yellow thread secure each of the stars in turn by working in running stitch around the outer edge of the motifs. Secure the thread on the back of the mask.
  3. Cut a 40cm length of ribbon. Place it down the centre back of the stitched piece and use a dab of glue to secure it in place. Fold the lengths of ribbon onto the front of the mask, out of the way of the stitching line and pin in place.
  4. Place the two eye mask pieces together with the wrong sides facing up. Then use blue thread to join the two pieces together with blanket stitch around the edge.
  5. Unpin the ribbons and trim the ends to neaten.

Top Tip

Pinning the sections in place makes it easier to sew them neatly to the surface of the mask.