Star Wreath

Create a winter themed star wreath to hang on your door or wall this festive season.

Star Wreath

Skill Level


Time to Make

40 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a small strip of light blue ribbon and tie it to the top of the craft star to create a loop.
  2. Cover the craft star in a layer of PVA glue and spread it evenly using a paint brush.
  3. Take a few of the larger pom poms of various colours and stick them to the star in random places.
  4. Fill in the rest of the star with the smaller pom poms. Add in a blue, white or purple glitter pom pom at random places. Leave to dry.
Star Wreath Star Wreath Star Wreath

Top Tip

Use quite a thick layer of glue and wait until it has completely dried before hanging the wreath.