Star Wreath Card

A modern twist on using a wreath design transforms this into a star card

Star Wreath Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour and 40 minutes plus glue drying time

How to Make

  1. Fold a White A4 piece of card in half.
  2. Taking another sheet of White Card draw out and cut a rectangle 12.7cm x 19cm. Use a craft knife for cutting for sharp clean lines.
  3. Using the Silver Star festive cellophane, cut out a 14.7c, x 21cm rectangle. Place this over the cut out card rectangle centrally. Flip it over. One side at a time, fold over the cellophane and stick down with a tab of sticky tape at the corners and middle edges. Continue for the other edges ensuring cellophane is taught (but not curling in the edges).
  4. Cut a piece of double sided, self-adhesive paper just slightly smaller than the cellophane rectangle and stick onto the back.
  5. On the front of the folded card, mark a 1cm border, all around. Peel the backing off the cellophane rectangle and stick onto the front of the card following the border markings.
  6. Take the silver glitter tape and one side at a time, stick down following the edges to create a silver border. Cut using a craft knife to give a precise edge. The tape should go from edge and over cellophane rectangle. Ensure it is stuck down well.
  7. Lightly draw a circle onto the front, more towards the top of the card leaving a bigger space at the bottom to fit in your sentiment message. Using any circular object to draw around it if it helps.
  8. To draw the stars either go free hand or make a card template so it is easier to draw around and make several. Draw on the back of the gold and silver foil card, different sizes and cut using a craft knife. If you are lucky enough to have a die cutting machine and dies, that is the easiest and quickest way of making stars.
  9. Using a mix of the foil stars, glitter foam stars and crystal glitter stars and the different star sizes, place around the circle until you are happy with the layout. Use glue dots to stick down the card stars and work your way around doing a small section at a time, checking the layout every time.
  10. Using the template provided transfer onto a black card and carefully cut out using a craft knife. Again having a die cutting machine with festive sentiments will make quicker and easier work.
  11. Stick the sentiment message centrally below the star wreath.
Star Wreath Card Star Wreath Card Star Wreath Card

Top Tip

When placing the glitter and tape, follow the edge of the card. Always cut at the end with a craft knife for precision. When starting on a new side, overlap tap over the other to avoid lines.