Star Lantern Decoration

This golden decoration can be lit from behind or hung in a window for a glowing star effect in the middle.

Star Lantern Decoration

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for glue + paint + glitter pen

How to Make

  1. Score 5 lines with a craft knife from the outer points of a card star to the top points of the star-shaped hole in the middle. Carefully score through the top layer of the card.
  2. Turn the star over then score 5 lines from the inner points of the card star to the inner points of the star-shaped hole.
  3. Fold along all the scored lines so they alternately fold in opposite directions. It should now be possible to push the points of the star towards the middle, making a 3D shape with a smaller hole in the middle.
  4. Cut a strip of masking tape, 10cm in length then stick it across one of the stars points about half way down on the back to hold it in a folded position. Stick more tape across the other 4 points of the star in the same way to hold the star in a 3D shape.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with another card star to make a matching shape.
  6. Tear up some strips of white tissue paper then brush PVA over one of the card stars. Stick down the tissue strips to cover the star, folding the tissue over the edges in the centre hole. The tissue on the edges can be left to overhang. Repeat with more tissue paper to cover the matching card star. Leave to dry.
  7. Paint both 2 stars with a metallic colour and leave to dry. Make sure the inner edges of the star-shaped hole in the middle are painted.
  8. Cut a 12 circle from white tissue paper. Brush glue around one of the star-shaped holes then carefully press the tissue paper circle over the top to cover it. Leave the hole on the other star uncovered.
  9. Brush glue around the edges of the star shape with the open hole in the middle. Place the other star on top, lining up the edges so they match. Paste down any overhanging pieces of tissue paper around the edges and leave to dry.
  10. Stick a few more small strips of tissue paper along the outer edges where the 2 stars are joined to cover any gaps. Leave the glue to dry then brush with some metallic paint so the edges are neat.
  11. Use a 3D glitter pen to decorate the star and leave it to dry.
  12. Use a pointed pair of scissors or a sharp tool to make a hole in the top of the star. Tie a piece of 40cm metallic cord into a loop then push the knotted end through the hole with a blob of glue to hold it in place.
Star Lantern Decoration Star Lantern Decoration Star Lantern Decoration

Top Tip

Try making several stars in different metallic colours with 3D glitter designs for a stunning Christmas window display.