St George Moving Model

This moving model of St. George makes a great keepsake and will provide hours of fun on St. George’s Day.

St George Moving Model

Skill Level

Easy. Adult Supervision needed.

Time to Make

1 hour 15 mins

How to Make

  1. Lay out all the parts of the jointed person kit.
  2. Turn one hand pointing upwards that will be holding the sword. Turn the other hand facing downwards that will be holding the shield.
  3. For the arms, colour some gloves on the hands, then colour the rest of the arms grey.
  4. For the legs, colour in the top parts grey, and the bottom parts black for the boots.
  5. Download the colour-in template and print on paper or card. Cut out the head, shield, armour and sword. Colour the cross on the armour red and leave the background white. Colour in the shield and sword with bright colours. Colour the helmet grey.
  6. Stick the armour onto the body using a glue stick, making sure to not cover up the holes where the arms and legs will be fastened.
  7. Stick on the head to the top of the person using a glue stick.
  8. Stick the sword to the hand pointing upwards using a glue stick.
  9. Stick the shield to the hand pointing downwards using a glue stick.
  10. Attach both arms to the body using the paper fasteners that arrived with the jointed person kit. Attach the top parts of the legs to the bottom of the body using the paper fasteners. Attach the boots to the bottom of the legs using the paper fasteners.
St George Moving Model St George Moving Model St George Moving Model

Top Tip

When attaching the armour to the body ensure all the holes are kept clear for the metal fasteners.