St. David Mascot

Celebrate St. David’s day by creating this model using a kitchen towel core. St. David a monk of the 5th & 6th century is the patron saint of Wales. Since the 18th century, March 1st, the anniversary of his death, has been celebrated as Wales’ national day.

St. David Mascot

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

How to Make

  1. Paint a polystyrene ball pink for the head. Leave to dry, then add another coat. Leave to dry.
  2. Draw on a face onto the head using black pen. Leave to dry.
  3. Trim down kitchen towel core to desired size of your mascot.
  4. Cut out a rectangle shape from brown felt the same height as the kitchen towel core. Wrap the felt around the tube and stick using double sided tape.
  5. Using PVA Glue attach the head to the top of the tube. Leave to dry.
  6. Wrap 2 or 3 brown pipe cleaners together and wrap into a circle and glue to the top of his head for hair.
  7. Download the template and print. Using the template cut out the top shape for his robe from brown felt. Attach to the top of his body around his neck using double sided tape.
  8. Using the remaining shapes on the template for his sleeves, cut out the shapes from brown self-adhesive felt. Remove the backing and fold the sleeves in half with a small pink pom pom inside poking out for his hand.
  9. Stick the arms underneath the top part of the robe using double sided tape.
  10. To make the feet stick 2 pink pom poms onto a piece of brown felt using double sided tape or PVA glue. Cut around to make the base of the sandals. Cut 4 thin strips of brown self-adhesive felt for the sandal straps. Stick 2 strips on each foot.
  11. Cut a long strip of brown felt to wrap around the middle of the tube and tie.
  12. Cut out a small cross from yellow card and stick to a piece of white string/cord. Tie the cord around the monk’s neck.
St. David Mascot St. David Mascot St. David Mascot

Top Tip

Instead of using yellow card, you could cut a cross shape out of white paper and colour it with a yellow pen.