St Andrew Model

Rejoice on St Andrew’s day with Scotland’s own Patron Saint, made from paper rolls and funky felt.

St Andrew Model

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 Minutes ( + drying time for paint & glue)

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the paper roll using red Pebeo acrylic paint and leave aside to dry.
  2. Measure and draw out a rectangle from the dark green felt that is 6cm tall and 15cm long. Then draw out another rectangle that is 4cm wide and 15cm tall.
  3. Once the red paper roll is dry apply a generous amount to the edge of the 6cm piece of green felt and stick it to the bottom of the roll. Leave to dry before wrapping the felt around the roll and securing with more glue. The side of the roll where the felt is stuck down will be the back of the model.
  4. On the 4cm piece of green felt trace two thin crescent shapes along the length of the material. Cut these shapes out. Then draw two squiggly shapes along the short edges of the material and cut those out as well. This will make the sash for St Andrew. Leave it to one side for now.
  5. Measure out 2 rectangles from the red felt that are 6cm by 5cm. Also, take 2 of the smallest light brown pom poms. Place one of the pom poms at the centre of the longest edge of one of the pieces of red felt. Gently roll the felt and glue the edges together, making sure the pom pom is sticking out and also being glued down to stop it from sliding about. Repeat this step with the leftover felt and pom pom to make St Andrew’s two arms. Leave to dry.
  6. Draw out two oblongs out of the brown felt. They should be slightly bigger than the smallest brown pom poms. Cut out the felt and glue a pom pom onto the end of each piece of felt. Apply a little bit more glue to the felt and position them at the front of the paper roll to make feet.
  7. Whilst the feet are drying, spread a generous amount of glue to the arms and place them at the top of the roll, either side of the feet. They may need to be held in place as they dry to stop them from moving around.
  8. Fold the felt sash over one arm of the model and glue to the back and the front. Leave to dry.
  9. Take the medium sized polystyrene ball that is just bigger than the paper roll. Mix orange and white Pebeo paint to make a pale skin tone colour and begin painting the polystyrene ball. Leave to dry.
  10. Stick a miniature pink pom pom to the middle of the polystyrene ball to mark the position of the nose.
  11. Cut roughly 20 to 25 pieces of white wool, measuring 4cm. Stick down two pieces of wool either side of the pom pom to make a moustache, and the rest along the bottom of the polystyrene ball. Using a black pen, draw in the mouth and eyes.
  12. Cut 2 more small pieces of wool that are roughly 1-2 cm and glue them above the eyes to make eyebrows.
  13. Now cut a large handful of 8cm pieces of wool. Put a small amount of glue along the middle of the polystyrene ball and stick the wool along one side. Repeat this until the whole head has been covered and use more glue if needed. Leave to dry.
  14. Place glue around the top of the paper roll and arms and press the head into position. Hold it in place to make sure it is stuck down as it dries.
  15. Cut a curved rectangle from a piece of brown card, that measures 7cm long and 4cm wide. Draw evenly spaced lines on the front with a black pen to replicate a scroll. Cut 2 more straight rectangles the same size as the first and tightly roll them up. Glue down the edges and make sure they are dry before glueing them to the top and bottom of the scroll.
  16. Once the scroll is dry, apply a small dab of glue to the back of the scroll and stick it to St Andrew’s right hand.
St Andrew Model St Andrew Model St Andrew Model

Top Tip

Use the brown card to create a large diagonal cross instead of a scroll. The cross represents ‘The Saltire’: the white cross found on the Scottish flag and a common symbol associated with St Andrew.