Spring Bird Puppet

Recycle your cardboard tubes by making these cute spring bird wrist puppets.

Spring Bird Puppet

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a sheet of light blue paper so that the width is slightly longer than the height of a cardboard tube, and it is long enough to wrap around the cardboard tube.
  2. Use double sided tape to stick the paper around the tube, and fold the edges of the paper into the ends of the tube.
  3. Cut two wing shapes and one oval shape out of a darker shade of blue paper, and stick the wings either side of the tube and the oval shape in the middle.
  4. Cut a small triangle out of a sheet of orange paper, and stick it to the tube, above the oval shape, to make the beak. Then stick two wiggle eyes to the top of the tube, above the beak.
  5. Stick a blue feather to inside of the top of the tube using tape
  6. Use scissors to carefully cut two small holes at the bottom of the tube, one underneath each wing.
  7. Thread the ends of an orange pipe cleaner through each hole, making a loop. Slide your hand through the loop and then tighten it to fit.
Spring Bird Puppet Spring Bird Puppet Spring Bird Puppet

Top Tip

Make sure you leave the pipe cleaner long enough so that you can easily put it on and off your wrist.