Special Birthday Wishes

Make a statement for a significant birthday, with this unique design.

Special Birthday Wishes

Skill Level


Time to Make

90 minutes plus drying time for glue.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of white card 42cms x 15cms. Faintly draw 2 vertical lines 14cms from each edge. You should have 3 squares. Score those lines and rub out the pencil lines. On the left panel edge trim 0.3cms. Fold left panel in first then the right. Flip card over – this is your right side
  2. Take the gold glitter card and cut a square 15cms x 14cms. Cut the same of a double sided self-adhesive sheet and stick on the back of the glitter card. Now stick the glitter card onto the right-side of the middle panel.
  3. Flip the card over to the wrong side and on the centre panel draw a 12cm diameter circle. Ensure it is central. Cut out using a craft knife.
  4. Fold in the left panel. Flip card onto right side so that the glitter side is up. Draw around the inner edge of the circle onto the left panel. Cut out the drawn circle.
  5. On the remaining glitter card draw the numbers, cut them out then trace around your cut out numbers so it is a mirror image of the one before.
  6. Cut 2 pieces of metallic craft cord 14cms each. Take both pieces of one number and apply tacky glue on the wrong sides of both. Place a piece of cord tautly in the centre, vertically, on one of the numbers. Hold it there for a little while to allow it to stick in place. Then place the other number on top sandwiching the cord. Repeat for the other number. Allow glue to dry fully.
  7. On the wrong side of the middle panel apply double sided tape all around the card edges, fold lines and circle edge.
  8. Make a mark 4cms in from the fold lines onto middle panel at top & bottom of the card.These are the markings for where the cord will be positioned. Peel the backing off of all the tape.
  9. Take the numbers and position centrally in the circle. Remember to have them so they read the wrong way, so that they are the correct way round on the right side of the card. Pull the cord taut and stick down. Stick small tabs of the tape over the cord ends for extra security. Fold the left panel carefully over onto the middle, aligning the circles and edges and stick down.
  10. To make the sentiment topper cut a gold piece of glitter card 13cms x 3.5cms and a piece of white card 12cms x 2.5cms. Stick the white card onto the gold leaving an even border all around.
  11. Write your sentiment using 3D glitter pens or whatever medium suits. Allow sentiment to dry before sticking self-adhesive dots at each corner on wrong side.
  12. Centrally position at top of card and stick down.
  13. Evenly position the sequin stars all around the outer circle. When happy with layout, stick down to finish off the card.
Special Birthday Wishes Special Birthday Wishes Special Birthday Wishes

Top Tip

Mark the right side of your middle panel to ensure you make the card the right way round!

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