Snowman Stones

Decorate large stones turning them into Snowmen heads! Great for table decorations or paperweights.

Snowman Stones

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint a stone white using Pebeo glossy deco acrylic paint. Leave to dry. Add another coat. Leave to dry.
  2. Paint the top 1/3 of the stone a bright colour paint to make a woolly hat for the snowman. Leave to dry.
  3. Using a black deco pen draw 2 dots for eyes for the snowman.
  4. Using an orange deco pen draw a carrot for a nose.
  5. Using a black deco pen draw a dotted smiley mouth.
  6. Stick a glitter pom pom to the top of the woolly hat.
  7. Decorate the woolly hat with PicTixx 3D Glitter Pens and deco pens. Leave to dry.
Snowman Stones Snowman Stones Snowman Stones

Top Tip

Instead of deco pens, you could paint on the face and carrot nose with the acrylic paints.

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