Shark Spoon Puppet

Kids will have great fun making and playing with this shark spoon puppet with big teeth – great for ocean themed puppet shows!

Shark Spoon Puppet

Skill Level

Easy. Adult Supervision needed.

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix some black and white acrylic paint together to make grey. Paint a wooden spoon with the grey paint and leave to dry.
  2. Place the spoon onto a sheet of grey self-adhesive foam and draw around the head of the spoon only. Repeat this step to have 2 shapes to cut out.
  3. Cut out the 2 shapes, peel off the backing and stick them together back to back. This is to make the bottom jaw of the shark.
  4. Turn the spoon over so that the dip in the head of the spoon is underneath. Using a couple of glue dots, attach the jaw underneath to the base of the spoon only, leaving the front part of the mouth to open freely.
  5. Download the Shark Spoon Puppet template and print. Use the template to cut out the shark’s fin from grey self-adhesive foam.
  6. Peel off the backing from the shark fin shape and wrap the shape around the middle of the spoon so that the two sides of the fin meet and stick together. Make sure the fin is facing the right way.
  7. To make the shark’s teeth, cut a rectangle shape from white foam using the template provided.
  8. Draw a zig zag along the centre length of the rectangle without touching the sides. Cut along the zig zag line to cut out 2 lines of big shark teeth.
  9. Place a few glue dots along the back of the rows of teeth, making sure there is a glue dot stuck at both ends.
  10. Wrap the top row of teeth around the sides of the wooden spoon making sure the teeth are pointing downwards. Wrap the bottom row of teeth around the sides of the foam bottom jaw making sure the teeth are pointing upwards.
  11. Attach two wiggle eyes to the shark’s head.
  12. Using a black pen, draw 2 small circles for the shark’s nose at the end of the spoon.
Shark Spoon Puppet Shark Spoon Puppet Shark Spoon Puppet

Top Tip

Remember to only stick the foam bottom of the mouth to the base of the spoon head so that it can flap open and shut when being played with.



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