Shadow Art

Have fun outside in the sunshine this summer by making your own shadow art pictures! You can create any shapes or letters you want, with a little help from an adult, by cutting out designs and creating endless colourful projections.

Shadow Art

Skill Level

Medium. Adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make the petals, take a cardboard tube and squash it flat.
  2. Next, cut slices about 1 cm wide so you have roughly 12/13 petals.
  3. One of these will be the centre of the flower, so reshape it into a circle.
  4. Glue each of these petals onto different colour sheets or cellophane.
  5. Make sure you leave two of the leaves green.
  6. Once dry, cut out the petals.
  7. Stick together as a flower.
  8. Take two wooden craft sticks and stick them together to make one long one.
  9. Stick the stem to the flower in between petals.
  10. Stick on two leaves.
  11. Once dry, take outside and enjoy your shadow art.
Shadow Art Shadow Art Shadow Art

Top Tip

If the sun isn’t shining, bring your design indoors and project it onto the wall using a torch.

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