Secret Keepsake Box

This delicate flower design is very simple to paint and gives an authentic folk-art feel.

Secret Keepsake Box

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes plus drying time

How to Make

  1. Paint a keepsake book black on the inside and outside. Leave it to dry.
  2. Draw half a heart onto a folded piece of 8cm x 8cm paper then cut it out.
  3. When the black paint has dried, place the heart in the middle of the lid and lightly draw around it.
  4. Mix some white paint with red to make pink. Dip a cotton bud into the paint and dab it around the heart outline in small circles for the flowers.
  5. Paint more pink flowers around the heart. Add some flowers in the corners. Leave to dry.
  6. Mix a lighter shade of pink, then use a small brush to add small, curved strokes for petals inside each flower.
  7. Mix green and glue paint together to make a dark green. Use a small brush to paint leaves around the heart and in the corners.
  8. Finish the design by adding tiny white dots onto the design. Leave to dry.
Secret Keepsake Box Secret Keepsake Box Secret Keepsake Box

Top Tip

Experiment with colour variations, a white or coloured background would give a different feel to the design.