Secret Fairy Garden

Create your own secret fairy garden, hidden in a fairy tale book!

Secret Fairy Garden

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cover the outside of a keepsake book box with a coat of pink paint. Then paint the inner (pages) section with white paint. Leave to dry.
  2. Once the paint has dried, use a purple deco pen to write ‘Fairy Tales’ onto the front of the book, and decorate the edges with a pattern using the blue deco pen. Then stick a large glitter flower underneath the words.
  3. Cut out two rectangular pieces of light blue paper and stick them to the inner sections of the box. On the left hand side, use a purple deco pen to write ‘ My Secret Fairy Garden’.
  4. On the right hand section of the box, use a glue gun to cover the bottom third in glue, then fill it with some dried moss.
  5. Make a fairy by wrapping some pink felt around a wooden person, yellow felt around the head to create a hat, and draw on a face using deco pens. Cut out some wings from silver glitter card, and then stick the wings to the back of the fairy.
  6. Push the fairy into the moss and glue in place. Then push in some toadstools and paper flowers to complete the garden.
  7. Cut out some cloud shapes from white card and stick them to the blue paper to create the sky.
Secret Fairy Garden Secret Fairy Garden Secret Fairy Garden

Top Tip

Make sure everything is fully stuck down so it doesn't move when you close the book.

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