Scottie Dog Brooch

Show off this adorable handmade Scottie dog brooch to family and friends.

Scottie Dog Brooch

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Download the free Scottie Dog template and carefully cut out all of the pieces and set aside.
  2. Using the body template, trace out the body onto a piece of black felt. Flip the template and redraw it so that both sides of the body have been drawn. Cut out both templates and line them up to make sure they’re identical in size and shape.
  3. Thread a needle with a length of white embroidery thread and make a secure knot on one end.
  4. Take the top body template from the pair and hold a small button on the face of the Scottie dog. Sew it in place with the thread from step 3. Once the button is secure, tie off the thread at the back of the button.
  5. Retie another longer strand of white embroidery thread.
  6. Hold the two dog templates together and make sure they line up along every edge. Starting at the back of the two dogs, thread the needle about 5mm from the edge. Pull it tight. Poke the needle back through the same hole the needle first came through and pull the needle through the loop made by the loose thread. Move along 5mm and poke the needle through the front and through the loop of the thread. Repeat this along the edges of the Scottie dog. Leave a gap the size of a finger and do not tie off.
  7. Gently poke the toy stuffing through the gap, moving it around so that the Scottie dog is soft and squishy. Continue sewing the edges using the same technique as mentioned in step 6 and tie off the thread. Sew until the open edge is closed.
  8. Trace out the collar, bow centre and bow pieces of the Scottie dog template onto a piece of red felt. Cut them out.
  9. Apply a small amount of glue onto the back of the collar piece and place it on the neck of the Scottie dog. Dab some more glue onto the bow centre and stick the bow pieces on either side of the circle. Apply more glue if needed but proceed to stick the bow to the top of the collar. Leave to dry.
  10. Turn the completed and dry Scottie dog over and peel off the back of one of the self-adhesive badge pins. Press it onto the middle of the Scottie dog to complete the brooch.
Scottie Dog Brooch Scottie Dog Brooch Scottie Dog Brooch

Top Tip

To save time when sewing on the Scottie dogs eye, an alternative mess-free and speedy solution would be to use self-adhesive wiggle eyes or even eye stickers.