Scandi-Style Stencil Card

Create your own striking Scandi-style cards with simple stencilled patterns and bold designs.

Scandi-Style Stencil Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for paint

How to Make

  1. Draw a pencil outline for the main shape of your design onto A5 white card. Cut around the outline to make a window by cutting in from the edge then taping over the join.
  2. Cut 6-8 strips of card 8cm long and between 5mm -2cm in width. Cut some of the edges into waves or zig-zags, punch holes and leave some strips straight.
  3. Arrange the card strips over the cutout window shape, tape in position then place over a piece of white card.
  4. Dip a sponge into red paint then dab onto scrap paper before printing, so this paint isn’t too thick. Dab red paint over the stencil. Carefully lift up the stencil and the leave the paint to dry.
  5. To add more dots onto the design, print patterns using a cotton bud dipped into red paint.
  6. Add a printed pattern onto a small card shape for the bird’s wing or for the middle of the stocking, either using a stencil or a cotton bud. Leave to dry then fix to the design with a sticky foam pad.
  7. Stick the finished shape onto a folded background card.
Scandi-Style Stencil Card Scandi-Style Stencil Card Scandi-Style Stencil Card

Top Tip

The shapes will stand out more clearly on a red background. On a white or pale background, stick the shape onto red card then trim around the edge to make a red border.