Roly Poly Penguin

Quick and easy to make, this rocking paper plate penguin is a great craft for children of all ages to make this Christmas.

Roly Poly Penguin

Skill Level

20 minutes + drying time

Time to Make


Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a paper plate and cut it in half. Then roll it into a cone shape, making sure the white underneath of the plate is on the outside. Glue it in place using the glue gun.
  2. Paint a semi circle either side of the cone with black paint, leaving the middle white. Leave to dry.
  3. Cut a beak shape out of orange foam and stick it to the top of the cone, about an inch from the top.
  4. Stick two wiggle eyes just above the beak.
  5. Make a woolly hat from foam sheets, then use the glue gun to stick the hat to the point of the cone.
Roly Poly Penguin Roly Poly Penguin Roly Poly Penguin

Top Tip

When making the plate into a cone, hold it in place until the glue is fully dry otherwise it could unravel.

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