Robot Costume

This Robot Costume is a Great way to make an effective costume on a budget using boxes.

Robot Costume

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

1-2 Hours plus drying time.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose a box big enough to wear and a smaller box for the head.
  2. Drawing around a dinner plate cut out a hole in the top for the head and hole for each arm.
  3. Stick wiggle eyes in each corner and along the edges to act as rivets.
  4. Paint the body and the head in silver paint painting over the wiggle eyes and let dry (give a second coat if needed)
  5. Once dry cut a rectangle for the mouth and add boarder roll teeth.
  6. Using half of a circle that u cut out from the arm holes we are going to make a dial, cut the foam into 6 sections to fit on the semi-circle and outline them.
  7. Stick on or write numbers 1-6, cut an arrow out of black foam, and leave the back on, poke a hole in this to add a split pin so that it can rotate on the dial.
  8. Now time to decorate your robot with the dial you just made and other buttons/ wires etc.
  9. To create wires twist pipe cleaners around a pencil then poke them into the box.
  10. For buttons you can use bottle top or cut out circles of foam.
  11. For the display cut out half a sheet of holographic card and thread pipe cleaners through it.
  12. Print off the printable and stick on the parts wherever you like.
  13. Stick on the eyes and create a long spiral of pipe cleaners for to go on top of the robot’s head, you can fix this with Wooden craft sticks to each side of the head.
Robot Costume Robot Costume Robot Costume

Top Tip

If you want to stick the cogs printable so that it looks like its inside the head cut out a square and fix this with a hinge made of boarder roll back to the head, stick the cogs inside so that you see them when you open the flap.



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