Retro Beaded Purses

Let’s rewind to the funky 80s with our Retro Beaded Coin Purse craft! Using 3D Fabric Paint, you can add a pop of bold colour and retro flair to your accessories, giving you a stylish coin purse that screams retro chic. You’ll enjoy creating your own unique piece inspired by this iconic era.

Retro Beaded Purses

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 mins + drying time. Adult supervision needed.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, cut a rectangle of card to fit inside the purse, this will stop the paint seeping through.
  2. Paint the purse in your chosen colour with fabric paint.
  3. Then create a pattern using 3D fabric paint, you can create dots and teardrop shapes to make up your patterns.
  4. Lastly, let them dry and take out the piece of card inside the purse.
Retro Beaded Purses Retro Beaded Purses Retro Beaded Purses

Top Tip

You can use a ruler to create straight lines and evenly space out your dots.

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