Rat Paper Plate Mask

This rat paper plate mask is the perfect craft to make for Chinese New Year!

Rat Paper Plate Mask

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix some black and white paint together to make grey, then cover the white side of a paper plate with this paint. Leave to dry.
  2. Use the same paint to cover half a sheet of A4 card. Then, once dry, cut out two large ear shapes and paint the inner sections with pink paint.
  3. Use scissors to cut the bottom of the plate into a point. Hold it over your face and make note of where your eyes are, then use scissors to cut out the eye shapes.
  4. Stick the two ears to the back of the top of the mask using double sided tape.
  5. Cut two pieces of white pipe cleaner approximately three inches long. Slightly bend one of them in the centre, and stick them together to make the rat’s whiskers
  6. Cut an oval shape from a white sheet of card and paint it pink. Once dry stick it to the top of the whiskers, then stick it to the bottom point of the mask to make the nose.
  7. Carefully cut a small hole either side of the mask, then thread a piece of black elastic through the holes and tie each end with a double knot.
Rat Paper Plate Mask Rat Paper Plate Mask Rat Paper Plate Mask

Top Tip

Make sure the elastic will be tight on your head so the mask stays in place.